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Inspiration begins in the studio

The Ecodisseny headquarters are located in an architectural complex of great value. The same plot contains the former home of Rafael Tur Costa and Anneliese Witt as well as the studios of the two artists. This building is the work of the German architect Erwin Broner and is listed in the inventory of the Santa Eulària Town Hall.

The new building, the headquarters of Ecodisseny, has been designed by the architect Marc Tur Torres, respecting the Broner spirit. Tur Torres was awarded the first two prizes for architecture in the 2008 Art Jove competition for his project for the Corona Civic Centre, and the building won first prize in the seventh architecture awards of the Ibiza College of Architects in the categories of housing and the environment.

The new building incorporates bioclimatic design principles, bio-construction techniques and materials, renewable energy systems, and a system for regenerating wastewater for reuse as garden irrigation.

Architecture Awards XII-XV d’Eivissa i Formentera

2015, Eivissa

premis arquitectura eivissa i formentera

The team


Marcos Tur

Multidisciplinary landscape designer

As a result of his unceasing journey through activism and study and thanks to his intrinsic desire to find solutions for a wide natural and social spectrum, his 360º vision gives him an impeccable approach to resolving and executing projects, both in terms of what can be seen and what cannot be seen.

Multifaceted and authentic, he offers a holistic view of the relationship and interactions within the development of the project, reinforced in turn by his delicacy and attention to detail.

Another of the keys to his personal hallmark is his exponential capacity for renewal and mental flexibility. He offers inexhaustible freshness and vocational innovation, which influences all areas of his work, and which, together with his interpersonal skills, nurtures the human quality of the environment in every aspect.


Carlos Calavera

Technician specialising in Gardening, Environmental Health and Integrated Pest Management.

A priori he may appear to be very serious, but the truth is that he is probably preoccupied with numerous issues at the same time. The voice of experience is perceived in his answers with a balance between his good nature and the accuracy of his solutions.

His pragmatic style is one of his hallmarks, as he offers speed and practicality in equal measure, both through the gift of the gab and in his actions. His organisation and human qualities are impeccable, which enable him to organise working groups and lead them.

The field work, and the interplay of the driving forces between good management and a good atmosphere, accompanied by fairness, can be seen and felt in the final result of the work, and subsequently in the maintenance of the garden.

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Anna M.Saban

Architect and Landscape Designer

Her multifaceted viewpoint between architecture and landscaping, her extensive experience and her characteristic intelligent creativity strengthen her ability to solve problems. This vision gives her great strength in landscape architecture.
It is also worth mentioning her outstanding willingness to communicate productively, quickly and efficiently, which speeds up and facilitates the process.

Thanks to these strengths, her sensitivity and balance with the environment, and criteria of sustainability, she reproduces and enhances the guidelines and objectives of any challenge you propose with an exquisite overall result.


Adriana Furdui


The nerve centre of administration, together with all the underlying channels of logistics, purchasing, human resources and accounting.

Her versatility is evident, and at the same time the extreme subtlety with which she solves day-to-day tasks is outstanding, so much so that she makes it look simple.

Her innate common sense combined with the diligence of her words enables her to solve the most unexpected problems, and her undeniable commitment to sustaining a non-stop workload is worthy of admiration.


Antonio Sansano Torres

As soon as he arrives, the atmosphere becomes suffused with his good humour, which is his hallmark, accompanied by an impeccable sense of commitment and enhanced by a remarkable degree of responsibility – attributes that give him a perfect balance of confidence and security both in the team and in the environment.

This authentic attitude, the great clarity of his objectives and his innate passion for a job well done are clearly evident in the magnificent final result of his work.


Team of gardeners

Professional and qualified, our gardening team is characterised by their pace of work, skill and efficiency. They achieve impressive results that stand out in a natural way.

Thanks to their own commitment and interest in the subject, they are enthusiastic about acquiring and consolidating new agro-ecological knowledge in a progressive way, with continuous training of the team.

Our design process

Each project carried out by Ecodisseny is unique, but the design process itself follows a well-defined path that guarantees our quality standards. During the “blueprint” process, we talk to our client to ascertain the requirements of the project and the wishes of the client. We then begin with general drawings that define a general layout and a pre-selection of plants and other elements that we think are necessary such as pergolas, terraces or a pond.

Once approved by the client, we begin the development of the “construction project” in which we specify the construction plans that we will use together with our industrial collaborators to materialise our designs. The work culminates with a document called “measurements” which specifies each of the elements, works and plants to be installed in the project. This document is used to draw up a perfectly detailed execution budget to which we can make the necessary adjustments to adapt it to the client’s budget.

Once the budget has been approved, we start the construction work and conduct a “site management” to coordinate all the teams and ensure that the quality standards and deadlines are followed according to the agreed schedule.

Once the work is completed, we start the monitoring and maintenance of the plantations and other elements of the projects to ensure a long and prosperous life. We prioritise biological pest treatments as far as possible and only in extreme cases do we use remedies that are not permitted by the protocol of organic agriculture and gardening.

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