Bosque comestible Ibiza
An edible forest is an agroforestry plantation that mimics the ecological system of a natural forest: the cycles of self-fertilisation, the high biodiversity, the planting in strata, the alternation of food-producing species with aromatic and flowering meadows to attract a greater diversity of pollinators which in turn will bring a greater number of insects and predatory birds.
Gestión integral del agua en Ibiza
Water is undoubtedly the key resource for the survival of life in all its forms, including human life. Due to climate change, we are facing new challenges in which we will suffer more prolonged droughts and torrential rains that erode soils and wash away the fertile layer.
Diseño integral de fincas y jardinería regenerativa en Ibiza
The current context of climate change and energy crisis forces us to step up our efforts to ensure that landscaping and agriculture fulfil their main function of restoring nature and providing health and wellbeing to both humans and all other living beings with whom we share Gaia.