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Solutions based on nature

We design bioclimatic, healthy spaces, with careful management of water and energy efficiency, with the least possible environmental impact.

We are living in a time of great change and at Ecodisseny we firmly believe that an eco-friendly approach is more necessary than ever. Our focus on sustainability and systemic vision, developed together with a large group of collaborators specialised in various technical and environmental issues, allow us to offer design and construction services for complex projects. Efficiency and the search for solutions based on nature enable us to create environments that meet basic needs in a gentle and regenerative way in the areas where we operate. Architecture, agronomy, biology, permacultural design and other disciplines come together to offer optimal results in terms of self-sufficiency, harmony and beauty. Eco-friendly landscaping enables us to redesign the world in order to adapt it to new needs.

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Integral design of estates

At Ecodisseny we approach our work from a holistic viewpoint and we rely on permacultural design to tackle projects in an integrated way. Water management, energy, biodiversity, selection of native plants and many other elements are interrelated to achieve projects with low impact and great environmental benefits, for general health and great beauty.

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Mediterranean gardens

We create gardens that are inspired by natural landscapes, with a careful selection of native trees and plants that offer a wide range of ecosystem services. Restoring natural landscapes and heritage is the basis for perfect integration and sustainability. We create gardens with very low water consumption, full of life and with a high level of landscape integration with the environment.

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Landscape architecture

With our team of architects, we design all the building features of the project in order to achieve perfect integration between the house and the garden. Pergolas, terraces, stairs and walls are built using bio-construction techniques. Local stone, wood from sustainable plantations, low-consumption lighting systems and minimum light pollution make up projects in which we achieve a balance between the highest quality standards and environmental requirements.

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Integrated water management

We carry out integrated water resource management. Capturing rainwater or regenerating wastewater to be used to irrigate trees and shrubs is the first option to allow aquifers to rest. We create aquatic biotopes that help us significantly increase biodiversity and thus gain ecological stability in our plantations and control the climate of the house to reduce energy consumption and create cool spaces full of life.

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Regenerative agriculture

The regenerative and productive power of agro-ecosystems is unlimited and has the capacity to reverse the loss of soil fertility, desertification, droughts, climate change, loss of biodiversity and a host of problems resulting from poor soil management. We make the most of the power of photosynthesis, increasing the organic matter in the soil and producing healthy food and functional ecosystems of high landscape value.

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Edible forests

We create orchards in which to grow healthy food while restoring ecosystems and promoting biodiversity. Imagine a forest that produces fruits and nuts, medicinal plants, edible pods and leaves, delicious roots and mushrooms, fibres, energy and other crops. A food forest is a polyculture of evergreens – many species grow together (polyculture), and most grow again without needing to be replanted each year. Each plant contributes to the success of all the others by fulfilling multiple functions. Forest gardens full of life and beauty.

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Garden and estate maintenance

Our team of gardeners nurtures and maintains the projects over time to ensure controlled growth and bring them to full maturity. We take a natural garden approach, so pest treatments are carried out using the products permitted in organic farming, pest control with insects, or natural products. We work with the native microbiology of the soil in which we operate to promote the natural fertilisation processes of the crops, whether they are gardens, orchards or forestry plantations.

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Large-Scale Projects

Thanks to Ecodisseny’s multidisciplinary profile and its high level of specialisation in terms of urban planning, bioclimatic architecture and eco-friendly design, we can take on large-scale projects such as housing developments or villages. Our systemic approach to the design process means that we can integrate all the necessary elements for a space to be used as a habitat for a medium-sized human group to meet all their basic needs in terms of construction, food, energy and resources.

– Bioconstruction and bioclimatic design of housing and urban development.
– Integrated water management. Seawater desalination, rainwater collection and wastewater purification and recycling for reuse in irrigation.
– Construction and maintenance of Mediterranean gardens with low water consumption.
– Organic vegetable gardens and edible forests.
– Landscape restoration and biodiversity enhancement.
– Renewable energies

Our bioconstruction materials

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